Model Validation

Supplying us with a 3D model

When we receive your .stl or .stp file our first task is to validate the design. The first question is can we produce your model? Normally the answer to that question would be yes! It could be no if for example the size of the model is outside of our stated parameters. In such a case we would contact you to discuss whether scaling or assembling the model were options.

Good design includes taking into account the production process and environment. In all probability your design will not be considering 3D printing and it is this aspect that is normally the focus of our validation; in particular the volume of polymer to be used in fabrication, the orientation of the component in the printing process, support requirements, fragility.
If your component is a box like structure we might suggest reducing the thickness of the walls to reduce material cost. We would always suggest a minimum wall thickness of 0.8mm and we would not suggest a reduction to a level that would leave the output flimsy. Although if your component has to be able to withstand an armoured shell, it is probable that we would suggest the prototype can be less robust!

Supplying us with 2D drawings or less

As we go through the 3D modelling process for you the aspect of 3D printing will automatically come to the surface and we would discuss these points with you as we proceeded.