Our process

Step 1. Your enquiry/order

Whilst it is possible for you to email a model file and order to us and have us print direct on receipt, we normally find that there are discussions and Q/As by email, telephone or face to face prior to an order being finalised. Once we feel that we understand your requirements and expectations and that we have sufficient information, we will move to validation and pricing.

Step 2. Validation and pricing

One aspect of the process cannot change. Before we can quote you a price that we can commit to we need to validate the 3D model file to be used for the printing, to ensure it is OK and that we can produce your component. A by-product of this process is the determination of the production requirements and the price.

We will then reserve a place in the production schedule for your job and provide you with a quotation.

Step 3. Quotation

The quotation is emailed to you and comprises

  • details of your order
  • price (inc. dispatch costs)
  • dispatch date
  • agreed material/resolution/colour

For low volume production with agreed multiple production runs and despatch dates, the additional information will be noted.

Step 4. Order confirmation

You need to ensure you are happy with the quotation details and confirm the order by emailing your order to us. For limited companies and sole traders we expect to receive a .pdf file of your official order form.
Unless agreed otherwise - we will hold your reservation in the production schedule for four hours after issuing the quotation. If we have not received your order and no other contact in that timeframe then your order will stay on the schedule but may be moved back by other confirmed orders. Should this occur we will make every effort to contact you to discuss the problem, before a change to the schedule is made. In the event that this does happen we will send you another quotation with a revised dispatch date. It is possible that the price may also change, either way, if the rescheduling impacts on whether or not we need to change materials to do your job. If no contact is made within twenty four hours of the original quotation then the job will be removed from the production schedule.

We must stress that the detail of this process is relevant primarily to customers communicating by email that we do not know. We are acquainted with most of our customers and we know each other's requirements and constraints; in essence the whole thing just slots into place to mutual satisfaction because we are all aware of existing levels of urgency and workloads.

Step 5. Payment

If paying by bank transfer or Paypal then the conditions above apply. I.E. within the four hour period both the Order and the Payment must be received. If you are paying by cheque you must still send the Order but the time for the cheque to be received, presented to our bank and to be cleared will have been taken into account when assigning your job to the production schedule. If the Order is received but the cheque is not received within the expected time we will contact you.

Step 6. Completion

When your component has been manufactured and if necessary additional finishing applied, we will dispatch the component to you by the agreed dispatch method. We will also email you to confirm dispatch and include a VAT invoice.

3D design service

If the work done for you includes design then the completion email will additionally include the design files. These would normally comprise a Solidworks part file, a STEP file and an STL file.