3D design/modelling

This will be charged at what we consider to be the current rate for a certified 3D design engineer.


The two major items in the build cost are time and materials. We have already indicated how we might seek to reduce the material cost for you and the cost will be based on the cubic centimetres of material used. All of our materials have a very similar cost structure but if at any time one of the materials became significantly more expensive or cheaper than the others, then we would draw your attention to that during the discussions on which material is to be used.
Time is a combination of size/thickness and resolution. If you have read the section on 3D printing you may recall that AM is done by printing in layers; the more layers you have the longer it takes. It would be normal for a prototype to use less layers (lower resolution) than that used for a finished product. Unless you had a specific requirement on this subject we would make suggestions to you and can show you comparative examples of different resolutions.


This can add a considerable manual cost. Anyone can reasonably sand, prime and fill, sand again and paint a brick. Finishing a spiders web is different matter, requiring another level of expertise, knowledge and time. We consider surface finishing to be a custom job, which we would price at quotation time if the requirements are absolutely clear.

The one exception to this is colour, as we can print in colour at no extra cost if using coloured polymers.