Why use 3D Printing?

The primary reason is that you can create your prototype or product from your design without the need for tooling or specialist programming skills. This gives you a timescale of days, not weeks or months and often will also substantially reduce your product development cost. It also means that you can afford iterative design as you go from concept to form and fit which gives a high probability of an improved product. It also gives you the capability to show your models to customers for their feedback before the expense of production tooling.

What is the typical dispatch time?

From Authorisation to Proceed our target is 48-72 hours. This is dependent on the size and resolution of your model, and sometimes our production schedule which can be hit by peaks.

What is your maximum build size?

303mm x 243mm x 210mm. Bear in mind that the shape and structure of the design will influence how we orientate the model for the build process. On the negative side this could mean that your largest dimension could be constrained to 210mm. Conversely if you had a tall item we might be able to print it on its side and give you a maximum height of 305mm. This is considered during our quotation process and should there be a potential issue we will discuss this with you at that stage.

My product is larger than your build platform, can anything be done?

Potentially yes, so please do give us a call to discuss the matter. For prototypes, particularly at the concept stage, scaling may be an acceptable simple solution. For form and fit and manufacture the model may lend itself to be built in several parts and then joined together. Indeed we often take this approach for our architectural work. It does of course depend on the nature of the model.

What is the minimum quantity for ordering?

That is easy. One.

And the maximum?

Once you go above several hundred we do need to start considering whether 3D printing is the right method. Remember 3D printing cannot compete with mass produced unit prices. Please refer to Financial Model and Case Study for a fuller discussion on this subject.

How can I pay?

Bank transfer (our preferred option), Paypal or cheque. As we require cleared payment before proceeding, payment by cheque is not recommended IF your order is urgent. Please refer to the section Payment and VAT for full details

Do you give discounts for higher volumes?

Generally no. If you have read the section Financial Model you may realise that there are no economies of scale with this technology.

I do not have a 3D digital model, can you still give me a price?

Yes we can. Send us your 2D drawings and we will take a guesstimate; this is not a firm price and could be reasonably accurate, then again it might not be accurate. Hopefully it will help you to decide if 3D printing is appropriate for you. We will also provide you with a fixed price for converting your 2D drawings into a 3D model – which will be required to do the job. This could vary immensely from say £15 to around £200, depending on the complexity of the geometry in your drawings.

Do we ship internationally?

Yes we can. If you give us your location and approximate model size we will give you an approximate price. Once we know the exact size with packing we will prove a firm price, prior to production of the model.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

Please refer to the section Payment and VAT for details on this.